【 20% OFF 】RX系列 (特規) 圈煞碳纖維輪組,限量優惠

【 50% OFF 】D3 碟煞碳纖維輪組,限量優惠

【 國際配送 】輪組運費折抵 NT$ 3,000



ONEAER 提供跨境物流服務,購買前務必詳閱下列說明,以保障您的權益,使用跨境運送時,即表示您同意下列說明。

  1. 海外會員恕無法享有滿額免運之優惠。
  2. 跨境運送除商品本身有瑕疵外,不接受其它任何原因的退換貨。
  3. 若因配送地址填寫有誤、聯絡電話有誤或聯絡人填寫不詳、指定配送地點無法配送,以致包裹無法寄送成功,且於2日內無法與您取得聯繫,包裹將以退回方式處理,我們將以電郵方式通知您,該筆退回之訂單將取消出貨,並將扣除實際產生之來回運費及兩地關稅後,再退回原訂單餘額。
  4. 收貨人需遵守收貨之國家(地區)的進口規範與限制(違禁品...等),否則相關法律問題將由收貨人自行負責。
  5. 跨境寄送時所產生之附加費、進口關稅、營業稅...等額外費用,需由買家自行負擔。
  6. 因買家個人因素導致無法配送且有費用產生之情況,將扣除實際產生之來回運費後,再退回原訂單餘額。
  7. 本店保有最後是否接受訂單的權利。

  1. 瑕疵品、商品寄錯換貨申請必須要在「收到商品起算7天內」提出申請並提供拍照輔佐。請於訂單確認信中點選『訂單連結』→ 於訂單右下方『 店家和顧客訂單通訊 』內提出申請並上傳照片。
  2. 客服人員收到申請後將會協助您後續換貨相關事宜。
  3. 僅更換同款商品。


ONEAER offer multinational shipping service. To protect your right and interest, please read the following contents carefully. Once you use our multinational shipping service, means you are agree the following instructions.

Shopping Notices
  1. Current offer shipping service to China, Hong Kong and Macao.
  2. Overseas members are not eligible for full free shipping discount.
  3. For multinational shipping, unless the product is defected, there is no exchange/return for any reasons.
  4. If the package cannot be delivered successfully due to the following reasons, and cannot be contacted within 2 days, the package will be returned:1.Incorrect deliver address or incorrect contact number.2.The contact person is unknown.3.The designated delivery location cannot be delivered.We will inform you by email that the order will be cancelled, and we will deduct the actual shipping fee and the tariff between two places, then we will return the balance.
  5. The receiver should have to follow the import regulation and restrictions (contrabands goods etc.), otherwise, the receiver will have to take the responsibility of the related legal issues.
  6. The extra cost will be borne by buyers like additional fee, import tariffs, business tax etc., which happened together with the multinational shipping.
  7. If the package cannot be delivered successfully and have additional cost happened due to the buyer’s personal reasons, we will deduct the actual shipping fee.
  8. We reserve the right to accept the order.

The process of defective item or wrong goods.
  1. To exchange for the defective item or receive the wrong goods must have to submit the application and attached with the photos within 7 days from receive the goods. Please go to the order conformation letter select 『ORDER LINK』, at the right bottom side 『STORE and CUSTOMER ORDER COMMUNICATION』, submit your exchange request and upload the photos.
  2. Customer service will assist you the following related exchange matters after receiving the application.
  3. Exchange to the same items only.